When it comes to mobile home steps, there are no shortage of material options - homeowners can select wood, fiberglass, or metal, among other materials. These materials require a lower investment on the front end, but maintenance and a short life cycle make these options more expensive than they initially appear.

However, there’s another option that many may not be aware of: precast concrete. Concrete eliminates the need for replacement and offers a better long-term solution from the start, and can be a great solution for many mobile home parks for several reasons, three of which are outlined below:

lcci-precast-concrete-mobile-home-steps-2Aesthetics. Compared to other materials, precast concrete stairs can provide a more planned, permanent look. Textures and colors can also be added to create a unique and tailored finish. This can go a long way for community pride with residents and visitors alike. 

Ease of installation. Our line of residential concrete stairs can be installed in one day with no curing time. Designs are available in multiple sizes and can include a landing or deck. They can also be moved to new trailer sites as needed.

Low maintenance. Unlike timber stairs that can warp and fiberglass stairs that can delaminate, precast concrete stairs only require power washing as needed and will last decades. 

lcci precast concrete mobile home steps 3Other materials may require a smaller investment in the short-term, but precast concrete will last as long as the home itself, and has shown to be a comparable investment over the life of the mobile home steps, 

Ready to get started? We’ve been designing and manufacturing precast concrete steps for over 40 years. Let us know how we can help you create a welcoming, friendly environment at your mobile home park with precast concrete steps.

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