When designing your next ramp project, have you considered precast concrete? Precast pedestrian ramps are ADA-compliant, anti-skid, and low maintenance, while precast loading dock ramps are pre-engineered and customizable by length, width, and height. Let’s look at four additional reasons why you should consider precast concrete for your next loading dock ramp or entry ramp.

lcci-precast-concrete-building-rampNo permitting required. Applying and waiting on approval for permits can slow down any project. Precast concrete ramps are considered “temporary” structures and therefore, do not fall under the same permitting requirements as cast-in-place concrete. 

Ramps can be moved if needed. Another benefit to “temporary” structures - they can be moved! If your loading dock configuration needs to be changed for any reason or access points have changed around a building, precast concrete ramps can be relocated as needed.

Precast concrete is quicker to install and can be used immediately after installation. One big drawback to cast-in-place concrete is the time it can take to install. First, the forms must be built on-site, reinforcements must be placed, and then the concrete is poured. From there, it can take several days for the concrete to cure and be strong enough for heavy traffic. 

Precast concrete goes through the same process described above, but because everything takes place off-site, ramps are ready to use as soon as they are installed on Day One. Your warehouse will be able to keep going without literally waiting for concrete to dry. 

lcci-precast-concrete-loading-dock-rampIf multiple ramps are needed, precast concrete provides a more uniform look. An often overlooked advantage of precast concrete is the aesthetic value. Precast concrete is poured in steel forms that are less prone to warping or bending, giving you a more uniform appearance between ramps. The ramps also go through rigorous quality control testing prior to being released to the customer, giving you confidence that the product will stand the test of time.

At Leesburg Concrete, we offer a wide variety of options for loading dock ramps and entry ramps, as well as steps and decks for both commercial and residential projects. Do you have an upcoming project? Reach out today and let us know how we can help!