Five story building with exterior made of precast concrete wall panels
Architectural precast cladding on orlando international airport
Two story building with exterior made of precast concrete wall panels

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Looking for a precast concrete panels manufacturer? Look no further. Leesburg Concrete Company has been in the precast concrete industry since 1983. We take great pride in our work and enjoy working with general contractors, architects, and building owners in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and other states along the east coast. In our PCI Certified plant, we manufacture traditional architectural precast concrete wall panels, structural cladding, and Slenderwall® by EasiSet.

Architectural Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Architects love architectural precast concrete wall panels because they add to a structure’s architectural appearance. With endless options for architectural design creativity, architectural precast wall panels can be used on both interior and exterior walls. They can be cast in any size, texture, shape, or color. When manufacturing architectural precast wall panels we adhere to PCI's strict standards with regard to dimensional tolerance, color consistency, and finish variations.

Manufactured in our Leesburg, Florida plant, our architectural precast panels and cladding provide a strong, durable facade. They stand up to the harshest weather, rain, and wind and continue to look good year after year. 

Architectural precast cladding from Leesburg Concrete offers innovative design solutions for your construction project. We work closely with our customers to design and engineer customized, architectural precast cladding that fulfills their design ideas and meets their technical requirements. Our cladding products offer an economical solution with limitless choices of textures, shapes, and integral colors.

Because our products are poured in our 18,000 square foot facility, we can pour any size product. And because the facility is climate-controlled, we deliver the highest quality concrete products. We never have weather delays, and that means your product is delivered on time and on budget.


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The Value of Precast Concrete Wall Panels and Cladding

Decorative precast concrete panels and cladding bring added value to your construction project. It is ideal for projects where complex designs or geometry is required, access is limited, or accelerated construction time is desired. But there are other benefits. Decorative precast concrete panels make sense because the product is:

  • sustainable
  • energy efficient
  • non-combustible
  • easily installed
  • provides a fire block
  • offers acoustic benefits,
  • installed quickly compared to on-site construction, and
  • requires little maintenance.

Shown to the right is a custom decorative concrete panel made for Mayport Naval Station. It is comprised of four different finishes, with three different integral colors. The final panels weighed in at about 45,000 pounds each.


Cover of 2015 Precast Inc. Magazine Showing Precast Panel for Mayport Naval Station

Precast Concrete Panels Cost

Precast concrete panels always cost less than site-poured concrete. An article in the Journal of Construction Engineering documented a 2016 research project that compared the cost of precast concrete to pouring concrete on-site. The results showed that precast concrete panels reduced construction costs by an average of 23%. The article further addressed the fact that precast concrete reduces on-site laborers, generates less waste, less volume of building materials, and increases environmental and construction site cleanliness.

To give you an exact cost of precast concrete panels we need to know the size of the structure, the type of finish you want, whether we can use standard molds or need to create custom molds, and a few other details. But, we are more than happy to talk with you to estimate a price and see if precast concrete panels make sense for your project.

Precast concrete reduces on-site laborers, generates less waste, less volume of building materials, and increases environmental and construction site cleanliness... Precast concrete panels reduce construction costs by 23%.

Precast Concrete Panels Get Construction Projects Done Faster

With precast concrete panels, there is no downtime waiting for concrete to dry. Precast concrete panels are poured off site and delivered at the exact time and in the sequence you request. This allows your project to continue moving and be completed faster.

And installation is as easy as...

Call us and let us know you are ready for installation.
We deliver the panels in the sequence requested.
The erector crew professionally installs the panels.

Additional Information

Precast Concrete Wall Panels & Cladding - Features & Benefits

  • Cost-effective, on-time, and within budget, helps control material and labor costs
  • High speed of installation- often accelerates the construction schedule
  • Engineered and produced to withstand extreme weather events
  • Long lasting and durable material
  • Manufactured off-site
  • Can be brought into confined construction spaces
  • Minimal site impact and interruption
  • Customizable- virtually infinite choice of finishes and textures
  • Aesthetically pleasing due to design flexibility
  • High quality, low maintenance product
  • Safe, durable, sustainable construction
  • Highly uniform product
  • Energy-efficient, Increased thermal mass, helping regulate building temperature

Precast Concrete Wall Panel & Cladding Specifications

Industry Focus

Commercial Construction | Architecture | Design-Build

Wall Type

Cladding | Curtainwall | Exterior Wall System | Precast Exterior Wall


Virtually unlimited design flexibility. Leesburg Concrete can provide all the textures and colors found in the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) Guide.

Concrete TypeReinforced Architectural Mix designed with integral color
  • Steel Reinforced

Corrosion Resistant | Weather Resistant | Fire Resistant | Quick Erection Method | Beautiful Appearance

Industry StandardsANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • ANSI/ASCE 7-93 Wind Load Calculations
PCI MNL 117 - Manual for Quality Control for Plants and Production of Architectural Precast Concrete Products

PCI MNL 120 - PCI Design Handbook – Precast and Prestressed Concrete
PCI MNL 124 - Design for Fire Resistance of Precast Prestressed Concrete

ACI 318 (ACI 318M)
ACI 216.1 - Fire Resistance of Concrete and Masonry Construction Assemblies

ASTM E 329
ASTM E 548.
ASTM C 1077

AWS D1.1 - Structural Welding Code – Steel
AWS D1.4 - Structural Welding Code – Reinforcing Steel

ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • ASTM C94
  • ASTM C31
  • ASTM C685
LEED Accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
We meet all state and federal Building Codes

Concrete Testing Methods

Tensile | Load | Shear | Air | Unit Weight | Temperature | Slump

Production Volume

Capable of 40 yards per hour in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which includes a computer-controlled mixer. | Specialty Manufacturing | High Volume

File Formats



Minimum 3 in; can be as thick as the building requires (Reinforced)

What is PCI Certification?

PCI Certified is a recognized standard within the precast concrete industry. As a PCI certified plant, we have PCI Certified personnel on staff and follow the rigorous compliance standards of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute. Each year PCI performs two unannounced audits of our plant. These audits are done by third-party engineers who ensure our precast concrete products are manufactured to the standards published in the PCI quality-control manuals. Additionally, they inspect random products to their project specifications to ensure they meet the product's design intent and production criteria.


As an exterior cladding wall panel system with great design flexibility, Slenderwall® reduces structural costs and on-site trades. It is designed to be lightweight (about 30 lbs. per square foot compared to approximately 85 lbs. for traditional heavy architectural precast), reducing foundation and superstructure requirements and reducing shipping and installation costs.  Read More 

Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about precast concrete wall panels for your construction project, all it takes is a phone call (or an email.) We recommend getting us involved early so we can lend our expertise to your project. Our in-house design team, engineers, and technical staff have extensive experience and can help provide the best and most cost-effective solution for the needs of your project. And, if you are in the area, we welcome you to take a tour of our plant, to see samples of our products and learn how we produce the high-quality precast concrete products that we do. 

When your construction project needs a high-quality product that meets exacting standards, you can count on precast concrete panels and cladding from Leesburg Concrete. Call us at 352.787.4177 or email us today to get started on your project.